About Resource-Net ...

Its primary activity is research on the metallurgical coal and carbon reductant markets.


Resource-Net  offers a number of subscription reports on these sectors. The key features of our research approach are summarized:

  • Price information obtained via continuous informal contacts with the market.
  • Access to an unparalleled network of contacts, accumulated over more than a decade of involvement with these industries.
  • Maintenance of an extensive data-base of commodity market information.
  • Collection and analysis of relevant statistical data on production and trade.

Subscribers to Resource-Net reports can be assured of a long-term consistency in the research approach.

The quality of the research and analysis is not affected by frequent personnel changes, as experienced by the diversified commodity research organizations, nor do we use outside consultants.

Client-specific Research

Resource-Net has accumulated extensive and unique knowledge of the metallurgical coke, coal and related markets. It can therefore undertake "single-client" research assignments, for example:

  • Price analysis and forecasts on a particular coke or coal grade.
  • In-depth research on a specific market segment for coke, anthracite or metallurgical coal.
  • Other assignments according to the client's specifications.

So if any site visitor has a requirement for market research on these sectors, they can submit an outline to Resource-Net. A proposal would be prepared for research falling within our scope of expertise.

Background of Andrew Jones

Resource-Net was established more than ten years ago by Andrew Jones.

A graduate in metallurgy from the University of Sheffield, Andrew Jones has more than 20 years' experience in commodity research and analysis. In addition to his metallurgical qualification, he holds an MSc in Multinational Commerce from Metropolitan College, Boston University.